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Our Wellness Clinic 


Dr. Holden and the staff at Valley Mist Health

   The Staff at Valley Mist Health want to help you live life, free from pain so you can get back to living your best life. Valley Mist Health serves Drayton Valley, Alberta, Brazeau County, Parkland County, and all the many communities in Central Alberta. Dr. Holden, Doctor of Acupuncture is well known for his work on chronic and difficult cases.

Dr. Vince Holden, R.Ac., D.Ac.


Dr. Vincent Holden B.Sc. D.Ac. R.Ac.

Dr. Holden is a Registered Doctor of Acupuncture, trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) through the MacEwan University Acupuncture Program. He has 15 years of experience of providing solutions for difficult chronic cases and has specialized training in neuropathy, arthritis, chronic pain management, anxiety, and depression management.


Dr. Holden uses a variety of modalities depending on what you require:



This holistic, evidence based medicine can help with decreasing pain and restoring the body's natural function. It is also helpful for conditions like allergies, anxiety, some auto-immune issues, thyroid, gastro intestinal, fertility, and much more. In many ways, Science is beginning to understand and explore the true power of this medicine.

   At Valley Mist Health, we utilize acupuncture for pain relief and expediting healing so you have a better quality of life - happy, healthy and pain free!

Dry Needling

This technique focuses on myofascial pain relief as well as treating trigger point pain. Dry needling is also referred to by the terms Acupuncture, trigger point therapy, trigger point dry needling, intramuscular stimulation (IMS), and intramuscular manual therapy. 

Electrical Stimulation

There are many types of electrical stimulation techniques and protocols that, when used in specific ways, can greatly improve treatment results. Time, frequency, intensity, and placement of stimulation, are all factors in the long term success of returning proper function to the body.

   At Valley Mist Health, we individualize each treatment involving electrical stimulation to achieve the best results for the condition we are helping with. We find this is the most effective way to get you back to enjoying and living the life you love.

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Conditions we can help with:

 "Come and see him.

 you wont regret it" 

-Mr. Osbourne

 "Feeling really good" 

-Mr. Rudiger

"Dr. Holden is pleasant, knowledgeable, and a thorough professional"

I became a patient of Dr. Holden's when I was prepping to do a 170km hike through the Alps. My foot was killing me and I was beginning to doubt if I would physically be able to accomplish my trip. My intuition told me that it was more than my foot as the pain was what I thought was an acupuncture point along the meridian. I am very Intune with my body and regularly use other disciplines to keep myself in tip-top shape. I had yet to add acupuncture into my care regime as I was looking for a whole body approach rather than only acupuncture "where it hurts". I hadn't sensed that was available to me until I was given Dr. Holden's name by another acupuncturist. The way that Dr. Holden uses TCM was perfect for me. My foot pain went away. More importantly, I noticed that my whole body and mind felt better and more at ease. 

I have regularly seen Dr. Holden since 2018 and his work has been an important addition in keeping me healthy and balanced. He is an invaluable part of my healthcare team. Dr. Holden is pleasant, knowledgeable, and a thorough professional. Without a doubt, I can highly recommend him and his services.

-Dr. Dawn M. Bader

"Valley Mist Health exceeds expectations"

"The care you receive at Valley Mist Health is truly remarkable. Dr. Holden is genuine, non judgmental, and incredibly knowledgeable in the area of Chinese medicine. He is able to answer questions in a way that you are able to understand and provides steps to move forward in your healing journey. Valley Mist Health exceeds expectations



Suite B, 5202 52 Avenue

Drayton Valley, AB






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