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Doctor is putting out the fire with New and Old Methods

It’s 3 am and you are awakened from sleep by what feels like a fire in your feet. It’s going to be another day of too little sleep and too much pain. Can you bear the pain? Probably, but the burning wears you down. Sometimes it feels better, sometimes worse, but it never completely goes away.

It is time to put out the fire, and we might have the solution you are searching for.

What causes burning feet?

In most cases, it is caused by affected nerves. Something is bothering, irritating, or damaging the peripheral nerves. {Define Peri Nerves]

There are many potential causes of this irritation. Some are simple, some are complex. Here are some of the causes:

Vitamin and Mineral deficiency – Iron or Vitamin B12 deficiencies can lead to or contribute to burning feet.

Athlete’s foot – A common fungal infection that produces an itchy and burning rash. Often, over-the-counter medications can be bought to address this issue.

Neuropathy – This is a group of various issues that cause damage to and dying-off of the nerves.

What Solutions are available?

Vitamin and Mineral deficiency are countered by supplementing the appropriate Vitamin or Mineral to temporarily address the deficiency. The next step is to address the reason the deficiency exists to begin with, for example, absorption issues, lifestyle issues, etc.

Athlete’s foot is due to a fungal infection. The infection is often addressed by medications (over-the-counter or physician-directed). The underlying immunity issue of why the body hasn’t fought off the fungal infection requires an in-depth examination to root out the problem and discover a possible solution.

Neuropathies require examination and nerve assessment to better understand why the nerve damage has occurred or is presently occurring, and what is preventing the peripheral nerves from regenerating naturally. With this information, treatments and techniques can be selected to encourage the peripheral nerves to regrow, if regrowth is possible.

How do I get started?

At Valley Mist Health, we start the healing journey with a consultation. The consultation allows Dr. Vince Holden, DAc, to better understand why you are suffering from burning feet and to design a treatment plan tailored to you. The consultation also allows Dr. Holden to determine if you are a good candidate for treatments with him. Unfortunately, Dr. Holden can not help everyone.

If you are interested in putting out that “fire” in your feet, call Valley Mist Health today at 780-514-6111 and mention this article to schedule your free consultation.

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