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You can’t keep a good tree down!

When we moved onto our acreage, my kids found a mostly dead tree. Mostly dead, except for a lush foliage on the upper branches. They nicknamed it the miracle tree because of the obstacle it is overcoming despite all odds. Most people would just give up on this tree because, despite the obvious life in it, it doesn’t look and act like the rest of the trees. It seems like a hopeless case.

There is a saying, “You can’t keep a good tree down”. Ok it might not be tree but it still applies. When a tree is on the ground with almost no roots remaining can it survive?

In this case, Yes.

Most people would have cut this tree up for firewood, and I must admit the thought crossed my mind. The reason I did not was my kids LOVE this tree. They play on it all summer. When I mentioned removing it, they almost went into full rebellion.

So why am I talking about a severely damaged tree?

So many of the people in our lives are in chronic pain, maybe that person is even you. If you are in chronic pain the response you likely heard was, “There is nothing we can do, you should go home now.”

They give up on you, not because they want to but because they have no solutions for you. They don’t realize you have kids and grandkids who LOVE you. The kids want to spend time with you.

In some cases, there is no solution, but in many cases, there is a solution.

We get to see miracles every day. People with chronic pain come into the clinic barely able to move and after a series of treatments walk out pain-free.

If you have given up hope, think of this tree and how much joy it gives to those around it. Think of how much joy you bring to others around you.

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